ABOUT THE PHOTOGRAPHER:   Ruby began her business in 2005 capturing beauty in women.   She has always enjoyed making sure her clients were comfortable and having a good time in addition to being ecstatic with their images.  There are countless memories she has given to so many clients over the years by documenting their love in portrait sessions, engagement sessions and weddings.   Many clients have become good friends.

She is an expert in capturing the intricate details of a modern wedding. Whether your event is an intimate Western wedding or a large traditional South Asian celebration, she will capture every special moment during your event. Her work is highly regarded for quality, sophistication and elegance.  With more than a decade of experience, she has traveled all over the U.S. to capture these important events. 

She resides in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and furry pet squad. Other than photography, her other passions include traveling, organic gardening, cooking and social gatherings with a big crowd of friends!    


If you and your family are interested in having a portrait session with Ruby,  get ready to have a fabulous time!    These are photographed at an outdoor location during pristine lighting.   She will prepare you in advance with clothing ideas and location options.   

*Session fees are $150 and include the photographers time, before, during and after the session.  To reserve a date, this must be paid first.     This fee does not include products like wall art, collages or albums.      Please inquire for pricing brochure.

For weddings and small social events,  packages vary and Ruby would be happy to send you information.

We are accepting only a couple more weddings in 2019!    Please contact us to book your date.

Thank you for visiting!

760-391-2964 AZ


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